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Light Fibre Infrastructure specialises in long-haul telecommunications and utility infrastructure

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Light Fibre Infrastructure specialises in long-haul telecommunications and utility infrastructure. We are able to provide our customers with turnkey solutions, from the initial conceptualisation of a network, through to the planning, budgeting, design, construction and final commissioning phases.

Light Fibre has acquired its own equipment, which ensures that we are not reliant on sub-contractors, and are therefore “masters of our own destiny”. We own two horizontal directional drills with one having rock drilling capabilities, a Komatsu bulldozer, TLB’s, specialist rock cutting equipment and two spider ploughs. The spider plough method of cable installation is innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly and has the ability to lay infrastructure at speeds of up to 8km per day. The installation operates seamlessly in most conditions including clay, sand, swamp, gravel, mud, and water. In addition, it protects pipes and cables and can lay flexible pipes up to 280mm OD (gas, water, sewer).

With specifically designed insertion techniques, and rapid mobilisation, the plough can lay up to 10 cables or pipes simultaneously at a maximum depth of 2 meters, working within narrow corridors of 3 meters.

Light Fibre is utilising this new plough technology for the fibre optic installation from Pretoria to Musina. This turnkey project comprising of 457km of duct and fibre installations is currently in the process of being implemented, and includes the planning of the entire project, and all civil and fibre installation works.

As part of a turnkey solution, Light Fibre delivers network build services to national service providers and end user customers. This includes the full range of fibre optic services being installation, splicing, terminating and testing. Our comprehensive package and unparalleled offering provides support, maintenance, commissioning, integration services, electrical, radio network design and implementation. Our service offering is vast, and we are able to mobilise skilled staff, engineers, project managers and technical.