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Civil Works and Construction

Light Fibre offer the full range of conventional construction methods, however, what sets this bespoke company above the rest, is the use of the new and innovative plough technology. Preparatory works such as the removing of top soil and excavation of the subsoil is no longer required, resulting in minimal soil structure changes taking place. The cable and pipe laying plough makes a narrow slit in the earth in a single operation with the aid of a cable winch and simultaneously, several cable and pipe variations, along with warning tapes, can be placed at the base of this slit.

Cable and pipe drums are mounted on the plough and multiple drums can be pulled behind using specifically designed drum-trailers. After the cable and/or pipe has been laid, the narrow slit is closed almost automatically, with minimal reinstatement required to complete the works. The flexibility of the plough is a major factor, tackling trenches, ditches and other obstacles. It can be used on embankments, through woods, near trees, on hills, behind and over roadside barriers, near tar road surfaces, through streams and rivers, in wet areas - in fact almost anywhere.