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Environmental Policy

Light Fibre acknowledges that any form of fibre or utility works can have a profound impact on the natural and built environment and we ensure that our operations are conducted in a manner which is environmentally friendly. All of our personnel comply with environmental legislation and contractual requirements.

With the use of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and plough technologies, which has become the preferred method on many installations, the reduction in surface disruption significantly decreases, resulting in surface restoration and the minimisation of the subsequent negative impact commonly associated with open-cut (trenching/ploughing) excavation. We are playing an influential role in helping to minimise environmental damage by using these innovative technologies in all of our projects to effect more sustainable solutions.

Operational Health and Safety Policy

The safety, health and welfare of our employees is at the forefront of Light Fibre’s aspirations. We recognise that it is a business necessity to ensure the occupational health and safety of everyone who is involved and affected by our activities.

The commitment and dedication that our Directors, Managers and Supervisors have towards health and safety is of paramount importance and is based upon the principals of planning, implementing, monitoring and review. We ensure that all employees are made aware of the regulations applicable to their work and insist that all codes of practice, company rules and safety working methods are adhered to, and observed, on a continuous basis.