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Fibre Optics

Collectively, the operational, technical and management staff of Light Fibre have an in-depth knowledge and decades of experience installing, splicing, terminating and testing both single and multimode fibre. Light Fibre can offer a complete solution to meet your individual needs.

Fibre Installations
  • Fibre cable supply and installations
  • Fusion splicing of SM and MM fibres
  • ODF installation and termination
  • Fibre audits on existing networks
  • Fibre management solutions
  • Fibre hauling manual
  • Fibre hauling - Micro (2-12 blown fibres)
  • Fibre hauling - Micro (12-96 blown fibres)
Fibre testing equipment
  • Exfo FTB200 OTDR
  • Exfo FTB500 OTDR
  • ODF installation and termination
  • Exfo CD / PMD Tester
  • Nettest CMA4000 SM OTDR
  • Exfo MM OTDR
  • Noyes Insertion loss test kits
Fibre Pulling and Splicing Equipment
  • Cable trailers
  • Fibre winches
  • Fibre capstan winches
  • Micro blowing machines
  • Jilong 300 SM / MM splicing machines
  • Fitel Furukawa SM / MM splicing machines
  • Fitel Furakawa ribbon splicing machines