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Water and Sewage

Light Fibre Infrastructure specialises in long haul telecommunication and utilities infrastructures, providing our customers with turnkey solutions, the initial conceptualisation, through to planning, budgeting, design, construction and commissioning.

The conventional method of laying utility apparatus using open trenches, contributes significantly to the environmental impact inherent to this methodology. With the new and innovative Mole plough technology, pipes for water and sewage can be laid virtually wherever they are required. The plough makes a narrow slit in the earth in a single operation, and at the same time several pipe variations can be laid at the base of the slit.

The pipe drums are mounted on the plough and multiple drums can be pulled behind using specially designed drum trailers. Once the pipes have been laid, the slit is closed almost automatically, with little reinstatement required to complete the works. Water, sewage, electrical, as well as telecommunication infrastructures can be laid simultaneously, resulting in rapid deployment and significant reduction in costs.